The Bartram experience is one that is shared among an entire population of people that have invested a great deal of their live into researching and sharing the history of William Bartram and the trail today. We could not have put together our story without the help of a few key partners.

Brad Sanders – Author of A Guide To Bartram’s Travels.
Brad has spent many years researching the story of Bartram and the trail after discovering the trail while exploring nature pho- tography. Brad is now the webmaster and head of membership of the Bartram Trail Conference. Brad originally planned to make
a pamphlet about the Bartram trail, but as he continued to take pictures and write, he wrote a book, A Guide to Bartram’s Trav- els. Brad contributed a great deal of vision, facts, contacts and inspiration to Explore Bartram.

Philip Williams- Author of The Flower Seeker
Philip Williams is a novelist, poet, documentarian, and composer who taught Nature Writing at the University of Georgia. It was actually his vision that bore Batram’s Living Legacy and suggested Dorinda Dall- meyer be the editor of the collection. It was his work on this collection, and his childhood experiences with Bartram and the trail that would inspire Philip to write The Flower Seeker, an epic poem on Bartram and his experiences on the trail. Philip offered valuable insight on Bartram as a man and an inspiration, and explained the influence Bartram’s work would have on future writers and the Romantic movement.

Dorinda Dallmeyer- Chairwoman of Bartram Conference
Dorinda Dallmeyer is currently the Director of the Environmental Ethics Certificate Program at the University of Georgia, and currently serves as President of The Bartram Trail Conference. She was first in- spired by Bartram when she learned her childhood home in Macon, Georgia was miles away from the path of his travels. Dorinda was the editor of the collection Bartram’s Living Legacy a re-publication of Bar- tram’s Travels and a series of essays inspired by the botanist. Dorinda also conducted walking tours of areas Bartram explored for retirees in Athens, Georgia. Dorinda contributed a significant amount of historical information regarding Bartram, and mapped out the areas of Athens Bartram actually explored, while explaining how the area has changed since.

Philip Juras – Artist
Philip Juras is an Athens Landscape Painter who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Univer- sity of Georgia. Philip is also a volunteer Wildland firefighter, performing controlled “eco-burns” to restore natural landscapes. Philip completed a series of landscapes that attempt to imagine what Bartram actually saw in his time in the Southeast, which would be published as a companion to Bartram’s Living Legacy. Philip contributed by explaining his process as a painter, the research that he performed in creating his paintings, as well
as revealing the environmental impact of human development that has so vastly changed the areas Bartram explored.

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